1975 - When Janna Met Peter


Back in 1975 one of Janna's friends was given Peter's address and phone number
by another fan and being the “quiet and retiring” member of the friendship,
Janna quickly found herself on one end of a telephone line with Peter on the other:
“Er - could we have your autograph?”
“Why don't you come and get it yourself. I'm in all day Saturday,
just knock and you can have a cuppa......”

So, on Saturday 26th July, Janna, Gina and Tina found themselves on Peter's doorstep. Totally overwhelmed but not in awe for long, Peter was so down to earth and “such a regular guy” that the girls were soon chatting the afternoon away with him, the autographs forgotten and 2 days later they called back with a cake and some presents to wish Peter a happy birthday. Here are some photos taken at the time - some of these are also on other  pages of thewebsite, but reproduced here together in one collection: Peter with his pressies, a birthday cake and of course, Janna!


Peter opening his presents
Peter on his knees
Trying on the new shirt


on the doorstep


Peter, Janna, cake and camera


Peter with his birthday cake


In the new shirt


Time for a smile


Still posing



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