Following publication of a recent newspaper article featuring one
former New Seeker which included some unpleasant remarks
about Peter, Lyn shared this message with the Lyn Paul Website:


Hi Everyone,

First of all thank you for all your messages.  Even tho' I don't reply to all of them I get such a thrill when Steve sends them on to me and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to get in touch.

Steve mentioned to me that some of you had read a newspaper article featuring an original New Seeker who had some unsavoury things to say about Peter Doyle. I would like to tell you all that Peter was the nicest person you could wish to meet. His sense of humour was second to none, as those of you who came to the Albert Hall can verify ... remember “here is just a little song that don't take very long ..” and then he stopped ... silence ... then the hall erupted to thunderous applause!!!! Wonderful, only he could have got away with that. God love him!

As far as all this nasty talk about drugs is concerned, I spent more time with Peter than any of the others and if he had been on cocaine I would have known. Also, how would he have kept that wonderful voice? It is so easy to have a go at somebody when they can't defend themselves but as long as i have a breath in my body I will defend him to the hilt. I hope that Jane knows how loved he was by all of you and when these nasty things are said she is the one who has to live with it, also his mum and sister. Thank God for Gwyneth and Steve who will make sure that memories of Peter will live and soar to the heights he deserved. I miss him.

Luv Lyn xxxxxx

13th January, 2006


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