The New Seekers - Peter's last UK tour
Marty, Paul, Peter
Lyn and Eve
Backstage at the Ipswich Gaumont. 23rd March, 1973
(with thanks to Julie Fance for the photograph)

It's more than 36 years since the New Seekers first took to the stage and 33 years since Peter Doyle left the line-up.  Since then, there have been a good number of personnel changes with various members leaving to continue their careers in different directions but The New Seekers and former New Seekers are still performing and still teaching the world to sing!


New Seekers Past and Present


Viven Banks Eve Graham Paul Layton
Chris Barrington Sally Graham Peter Oliver
Isobel Davies Mark Hankins Lyn Paul
Peter Doyle Laurie Heath Keith Potger
Brian Engel Victoria James Kathy Ann Rae
Danny Finn Donna Jones Francine Rees
Mick Flinn Nicola Kerr Catriona Walsh
Jilly Franklyn Marty Kristian  


New Seekers, past and present
Paul Layton, Francine Rees, Donna Jones, Marty Kristian, Cathy Logan,
Mick Flinn and Brian Engel getting together for the fans
at Chorley Wood in 2004





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