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The Easybeats - formed by a group of European emigrees whilst still living in a Sydney Hostel in 1964, they quickly established themselves as a major force on the Australian music scene.  The band relocated to the UK in 1966, and later had a massive international hit in 1967 with Friday on My Mind, a song which was voted the best Australian song of all time in 2001 and was later to be recorded by Peter Doyle.  The group stayed together until 1969.

Barbara Ellis - cowriter with Gretchen Christopher & Gary Troxel (The Fleetwoods):Come Softly To Me

Ahmet Ertegun at History of Rock - cowriter (with Memphis Curtis): Lovey Dovey

Ray Evans at the Songwriters Hall of Fame - cowriter (with Jay Livingston): Mona Lisa

Eleanor Farjeon on EldrBarry's Website - songwriter: Morning Has Broken

John Farrar on Cliff Richard and the Shadows blog - cowriter (with Hank Marvin): Skin Deep

H Feliciano - cowriter (with Jose Feliciano) Rain

Jose Feliciano - cowriter (with H. Feliciano) Rain

Frank Fields - cowriter (with Ken Ahsby & Paul Colwell): The Further We Reach Out

The Fleetwoods - Gretchen Christopher, Barbara Ellis & Gary Troxel, cowriters Come Softly To Me
Mick Flinn - New Seeker - cowriter: Me and My GuitarMick Flinn was performing with Springfield Revival, a group under the same Management as the New Seekers when he wrote Me and My Guitar with Paul Layton.  Mick later joined his wife Donna Jones (also a former member of Springfield Revival) in the New Seekers' lineup. An Australian, Mick came to the UK as a member of the Mixtures and currently performs with both the Mixtures and New Seekers.  Paul Layton is the only New Seeker remaining with the group from Peter's era.

Michel Fugain - (biography in English) cowriter (with Hugues Aufray, Vline Buggy & Best): Jean's Little Street Cafe

Jerry Fuller - songwriter: Johnny the Hummer.

John Gallen - tape operator: Skin Deep LP

George - songwriter: I Know

Barry Gibb - songwriter: Follow the Wind

Jean Gilbert - vocalist: Skin Deep LP

Gerry Goffin at Songwriters Hall of Fame - cowriter (with Carole King): Goin' Back

Graff - cowriter (with Ernest Ball & Chauncey Olcott): Irish Eyes

Eve Graham - New Seeker

Grandma's Tonic released two singles around 1966-1967: Hi Hi Hazel /Johnny the Hummer and I Know / Lost Girl. At the time of the recordings the line-up was: Peter Doyle - Vocals; Bobby Johnson - Drums; Paul Shannon - Bass; Dennis Whitehead - Guitar.  Both Bobby Johnson and Paul Shannon had previously been members of the Blue Jays as had the band's original bass player, Paul Houston.Backing for both of Peter's solo records on the Astor label was provided by Grandma's Tonic.

Neil Gray - remastered tracks for the Rarities CD

Roger Greenaway - Cook & Greenaway at the Fortunes Website.  Cowriter I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, It Ought to Sell a Million, Somebody, Somewhere and The World I Wish For You.

James Griffin (1943 - 2005) - cowriter (with Rob Royer): Look What You've Done

David Groom - cowriter (with Keith Potger): Evenings Make Me Blue

Carol Hall - Wikipedia - songwriter & a singer: Ain't Love Easy

Graeme Hall - cowriter (with Tony Cole & Steve Wolfe): Beg, Steal or Borrow.

Trevor Hallesley - tape operator: Skin Deep LP

Dave Harris - assistant engineer: Skin Deep LP

Tweed Harris (17.2.41 - 13.10.04) at Milesago
Australian musician, composer, arranger and producer, John Winston “Tweed” Harris, travelled to the UK at the same time as Peter Doyle.  At the time Tweed was a member of The Groove, the Australian super group who had won Hoadley's National Battle of the Sounds in 1968 and whose prize included a trip to the UK.  After the Groove split up, Tweed stayed in the UK for some time and his credits included his work on many of the New Seekers' recording sessions whilst Peter was with the group.  After battling cancer for a number of years, Tweed passed away on Peter's third anniversary.

George Harrison (25.2.43 - 29.11.01)  (see also The Beatles)
The “Quiet Beatle” had much to offer the musical world both during and after his time as a member of the Fab Four.  He embraced both eastern and western musical cultures and worked, made friends with and is respected by many of modern music's greatest artists.  Like Peter Doyle, George Harrison succumbed to lung cancer and died just six weeks after Peter.  He has left a tremendous musical legacy behind him.

Other Sites For More Artists' Information

Nostalgia Central

John Hartford - songwriter: Gentle on My Mind

Laurie Heath (New Seeker) - songwriter - Roundelay

Ricky Hitchcock - has worked with an impressive list of artists and on a broad range of projects across the musical world as composer, musician and singer.  In the mid 1970's Peter shared his home with Ricky and his family and in those years the two worked together and wrote a large number of songs. When Ricky was invited to form Regis, he contacted Peter to join him as the group's lead singer.

Jonathan Hodge - cowriter (with Stuart Leathwood): Jungle Ted and the Laceybuttonpoppers

Brian and Eddie Holland (Holland, Dozier Holland) at the History of Rock Website - cowriters: Reach Out (I'll be There), Shake Me, Wake Me and Something About You.

Dick Holler - songwriter: The Greatest Song I Ever Heard and Reaching Out For Someone

Ashley Howe at the Milarus Mansion - engineer: Skin Deep LP

Wendy Hubert - songwriter: I'm Not the Boy You're After

Tony Hymas - musician: Skin Deep LP

Elton John - songwriter: Your Song

Bert Kalmar at Songwriters Hall of Fame - cowriter (with Harry Ruby): Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)

Chris Kenner - cowriter (with Fats Domino): Something You Got Baby

Paul Keogh - musician: Skin Deep LP

Richard Kerr - cowriter (with Peel): Evergreen

Carole King's prolific songwriting and singing career began in the late 1950's.  Already a proficient pianist, Carole started writing songs in her early teens, eventually forming a successful writing partnership with her husband, Gerry Goffin but later reverting to solo work. The New Seekers covered a few of Carole King's songs, these included Beautiful and Child of Mine.  Carole is still writing and recording.

Steve Kipner at the Songwriter Universe - cowriter (with Daryl Cotton & Michael Lloyd): Song For You and Me.

Marty Kristian - New Seeker - Songwriter: Look, Look. Mystic Queen, Reap What You Sow and cowriter: Idaho and Time Limit




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