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The Ram Band DVD

For information about this DVD + audio disc from John Van Boxtel see the News page




'All Night Man'

Live 13th December 1992

A DVD of the gig
is available - contact
P.D.C. Productions
for more information

The second youtube clip from P.D.C Productions

Peter loved to sing and play his Guitar,
and I came to know him through a friend and watched him perform many times,
and managed to capture an hour of this 1992 gig in Yarraville.

Thanks for the Music, Peter! - Paul David Cross

The original release: 'One Night With You' is still available at this link on youtube









Rarities -
Peter Doyle's CD

More about the CD


Available from
Offbeat Music Australia

Link to Offbeat

If you are looking for an introduction to Peter Doyle's music, if you have missed out on any of Peter's music or are missing much-loved songs from your collection, here are links to other sites where you can hear and in some instances, see Peter in action.  Musicpophits provides audio only tracks and the YouTube clips are an assortment of video and audio clips.  Where multiple clips are available for the same song, the link from this page leads to an index of available recordings.  If you think any individual recording deserves its own mention - please let me know.

Contact me
Most recent additions to and amended links on the list are marked

The clips are constantly changing and being added to - if you find any broken links or find any other clips you feel should be included on this page, please let me know and please note that the Peter Doyle Website is not responsible for the content on any other website.

Happy listening!

Solo - 60s Recordings
Do It Zula Style - youtube
Everybody Loves a Lover - Musicpophits
Go Away - youtube
The Great Pretender - Musicpophits - youtube
Heigh Ho - youtube
High Time Baby - Musicpophits - youtube
I'm Not the Boy You're After - youtube
If You Can Put That in a Bottle - youtube
Is This The Dream - youtube
Like I Love You - youtube
Lovey Dovey - youtube
Plastic Dreams and Toy Balloons - Musicpophits - youtube
Something About You - youtube
Something You Got - youtube
Speechless - youtube
Stupidity - Musicpophits - youtube
Tweedlee Dee - Musicpophits - youtube
Watcha Gonna Do About it - youtube
You're My Remedy - youtube

Grandma's Tonic
Hi Hi Hazel - youtube
I Know - youtube
Johnny the Hummer - youtube
Lost Girl - youtube

Virgil Brothers
Baby I Need Your Loving - youtube
Good Love - Musicpophits - youtube
Here I Am - youtube
I See Her Face - Musicpophits - youtube
Look Away - Musicpophits - youtube
Shake Me, Wake Me - youtube
Temptation 'Bout to Get Me - Musicpophits - youtube
When You Walk Away - Musicpophits -

Peter Doyle/New Seekers
And So In Life - youtube
Rusty Hands of Time - youtube

Lyn Paul (Peter singing backing)
It Ought to Sell a Million - youtube

Solo - 70s - 80s Recordings
Friday on My Mind - youtube
Harlem Dream - youtube
Heart Filled Up - youtube
It's All Over - youtube
One More River - youtube
Reel Back - youtube
Rocky Lady - youtube
Sailor Man - youtube
Shangri-la - youtube
Skin Deep - youtube
This and That - youtube
Way It Goes - youtube
We Believe in Lovin' - youtube

Later songs on Peter John Doyle MySpace
Bad to Me
Diamond in the Sun
Goin Down'

Peter Doyle at a 1980s telethon - youtube

New Seekers

At the Royal Variety Show - youtube
New Seekers Meet the Queen - youtube
Fifty Years of Music - Part 1
Fifty Years of Music - Part 2
Fifty Years of Music - Finale (New Seekers start at 2:09)

Beautiful People - Musicpophits - youtube
Beg, Steal or Borrow - Musicpophits - youtube
Blackberry Way - youtube
Blowin' in the Wind - youtube
Boom Town - youtube
Cincinnati - youtube
Circles - Musicpophits - youtube
Come Softly To Me - Musicpophits - youtube
Dance, Dance, Dance - Musicpophits
Day By Day - Carlin Music
Down By the River - youtube
For You We Sing - youtube
Georgie Girl/Ticket to Ride - youtube
Good Old Fashioned Music - Musicpophits - youtube
Goodbye is Just Another Word - Musicpophits - youtube
The Greatest Song I Ever Heard - youtube
Here, There and Everywhere - youtube (first version)
I Can Say You're Beautiful - youtube
I Saw The Light - youtube
I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke - Musicpophits
I'd Like to Teach The World to Sing - Musicpophits - youtube
I'm a Nut - youtube
Mystic Queen - youtube

Never Ending Song of Love - Musicpophits - youtube
Never Ending Song of Love (Japanese) - youtube
Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) - Carlin Music - youtube
Nickel Song - Musicpophits - youtube
Oh Ich Will Betteln - youtube
One - youtube
Pinball Wizard - Musicpophits - youtube
Ride a Horse - youtube
Streets of London - youtube
That's My Guy - youtube
Tonight - Musicpophits - youtube
Unwithered Rose - youtube
What Have They Done to My Song, Ma - Musicpophits - youtube
When I Was Small - youtube
When There's No Love Left - Musicpophits
One/When There's No Love Left - with Andy Williams - youtube

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