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On 22 December 2002 at 20:27


Posted by doris g
On 29 November 2002 at 11:36

i reckon its really nice you did a site for pete. he was a beautiful man. the pictures are cool too.

Posted by Kerryl Rae (Peter's sister)
On 19 November 2002 at 10:09

I can't thank you enough on behalf of myself and my mum (Jean Doyle)for this absolutely fantastic tribute to my dear wonderful brother. I am sorry it has taken so long to 'sign in the guestbook' but we have had a rather difficult year. Peter's dad (John Doyle) died on the 23rd September this year, aged 80,11 months after Peter's death. He did get to see the website and was thrilled to bits with this beautiful tribute to his son. Once again our heartfelt thanks to you all for your magnificent work.

Posted by Robert Curry
On 08 November 2002 at 19:26

Revisiting for the first time since July and am amazed at just how much this site has grown. A real credit to all involved and a fitting tribute to a much missed, loved and underrated musician.


Posted by SUE
On 24 October 2002 at 00:04

Came across this web site by chance, I am so shocked by Peters death, I didn't know. I travelled all over the UK in the early 70's to see The New Seekers and Peter was my first pop star crush.Sing with the Angels Peter.

Posted by Wendy
On 09 October 2002 at 19:07

A great website which I only came across by chance. In fact, I didn't know Peter had passed away until a short while ago. I was a big fan of the New Seekers back in the early 70s and still enjoy listening to their music sometimes. I saw Marty and Paul with the New Seekers a few years ago and also saw Lyn Paul in Blood Brothers but had often wondered what had happened to Peter as not much was ever mentioned about him. Very sad that he died so young.

Posted by Derek
On 07 October 2002 at 14:21

It`s a fab site Gwenyth.You`ve done a lot of hard work..Well Done.It`s about time we had more New Seeker sites and Peter Doyle Sites.

Posted by John Crosby
On 03 September 2002 at 20:28

It is great to see someone keeping the memory of a New Seeker alive and well. It was a great trip down memory lane for me and one I will repeat many times.


Posted by Jan Kelsey
On 23 August 2002 at 19:49

Having been without a computer for weeks now it was great at long last to visit this brilliant site. Well done Gwyneth and all you others - let's make sure Peter Doyle never gets forgotten. He deserves continued respect and acclaim.
Jan Kelsey

Posted by Jan
On 16 August 2002 at 19:55

Found the site by chance - I was a New Seekers fan in the 1970's and had always wondered(in later years), what had happened to Peter Doyle after he left the group. A great website - very impressed.

Posted by Eden
On 16 August 2002 at 19:46

Congratulations Gwyneth on presenting a very worthwhile & fitting tribute to Peter. Hope it gets ALL THE SUPPORT IT DESERVES from Peters fans.

Posted by John Holman
On 08 August 2002 at 18:01

Well done on an informative site based around Peter Doyle and his associated groups. Peter might be gone, BUT hopefully not forgotten……..


Posted by Robert Topliss
On 31 July 2002 at 20:16

Congratulations. The website is a pleasing credit to Peter and his music. I hope it will flourish. I never met Peter Doyle nor did I see him give a live performance - I was too young at the time he became part of my life with the New Seekers - but from hearing him sing and seeing him on scores of television appearances I always felt a bond. Thirty years on that bond still exists today. I am confident that many of those who visit this site will like me wish that we could have had a means to express our appreciation and affection to directly to Peter during his lifetime as to what he and his music have meant to us over so many years. That wish remains but sadly can never be achieved but is being partially fulfilled now through this site.

Posted by Annie
On 31 July 2002 at 13:19

Thanks for all your efforts to create this website...I've so enjoyed visiting it ...the video is a treat! I hope the site will grow and grow....a well deserved tribute to a great guy...Peter.

Posted by Paula
On 30 July 2002 at 22:04

Excellent work Gwyneth and to all those involved. It's a joy (and a relief) to finally have a long over due Peter Doyle website. Let's keep it alive.

Posted by Judy Illing
On 30 July 2002 at 21:17

Thank you for starting this wonderful website. It is so good to see Peter's talent acknowledged. He was a unique talent and a great loss to the music world.


Posted by Robert Curry
On 30 July 2002 at 18:51

A welcome addition to the 'favourites' folder. Congratulations to all involved, an excellent site and a wonderful tribute to a wonderful musician and human being.

Posted by janna nillsen
On 29 July 2002 at 09:26

thanks a million for providing us with such a lovely memerory of one of the nicest and most talented performers of our age!!

Posted by Susan Shanley
On 28 July 2002 at 09:42

Well done Gwyneth and all involved , at long last a fitting tribute to Peter. Looking forward to visiting it many times.

Posted by
On 27 July 2002 at 20:41

Absolutely fab! Well done.

Posted by Webmaster
On 27 July 2002 at 18:53

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