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Posted by Judi-Ann on
24th September 2010 at 09.27

Gosh Peter,

i will NEVER forget those wonderful days we spent together when we were kids at HSV7 as Members of 'Swallows Juniors'...

What lovely memories and times we had each week -- there aren't too many of us from that era left these days.

i remember well, when we last spoke you told me that 'Marty' was still in UK. i hope he is doing well. i can't believe we have all grown older now and those beautiful days are just memories.

Love to you

Swallows Juniors. 3DB and HSV7.

Posted by Corinne on
30th August 2010 at 07.52

Couldnt believe it when you passed away have loved you all this time rest in peace


Posted on
16th June 2010 at 22.01

Great memories form the good old days at the Preston Town Hall & the Melbourne Showground Concerts.

Posted on
5th May 2010 at 00.40

Goodbye Mr.Peter Doyle. You and your great group the New Seekers gave me great joy during the seventies when I was just a child growing up. I will miss your great, God given talent and songs that filled me with joy and happiness. May almighty God see you on your way to heaven and everlasting peace. Thank-you for your music and songs. David Shepard.

Posted by Doreen
on 26th April 2010 at 07.10

Peter was my favourite singer from the start of Swallow Juniors. I have known about his passing for many a year but till now have not written. I have his first album, I spoke to his mum on many occasions and met with peter on many of his later singing engagements....what a fine person we have lost.
Love you Peter xxxx

Posted by Georgette
on 9th March 2010 at 12.30

Time has moved on but my love Peter never has, it is now 38yrs ago that I travelled every where I'm now 52 and still think of him everyday - love to family especially to Jane and sister Kerryl xx - would you know I was out shopping and an old school friend that I hadn't seen for over 30yrs bumped into me and said 'I remember you - New Seekers (Peter Doyle)' - I must have left an impression to others - as Peter has to me ! - lover last forever xx


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