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Posted by jackie Hertford England
On 25 December 2004 at 09:36

woke up this Christmas morning and thought of Peter and how unfair it is that he's not here to enjoy Christmas with his family. hope that time is healing their loss. Happy Christmas to you all xx

Posted by linda
On 06 November 2004 at 17:26

Hello All i have been a fan of the new seekers since 1970 i have got 3Lps[vinyls] and 2cds in 1977 i was very ill with a bad heart and they told me and my mum that if did,nt have an op then at the age of 21 i would 6ft under and it was 50-50 chance when i was on the op-table but thanks to the new seekers that i am here but sadly lost peter of the new seekers and in 1991 on the 29th july i lost my mum also died with cancer so i think of peter on 28th july and my mum on 29th


Posted by Anne Gordon
On 18 October 2004 at 15:39

Now I have discovered Peter's web site I enjoy re-visiting to see if there is any more news. I note that Beverley in the Guest Book would like to obtain Peter's 'Rarities' CD. I have recently obtained this by e-mailing and a very helpful gentleman there said he could assist and within a week it was with me. I feel really pleased that I have obtained this and love listening to it. I am astonished by the amount of people who obviously feel the same as me at Peter's passing (although who can blame them). He was very much in my thoughts on the 13th and I spent a few hours just listening to 'Rarities' and the New Seekers.

On 14 October 2004 at 22:52

Well they may have Blue and Busted today, but back in the 70's we had Peter Doyle and The New Seekers - what happy memories I have of those days. I thought Mr Doyle was a very talented man, but never got the recongnition he deserved, I am so pleased he now has a Web Site dedicated to him. Loads of Love Lesley xxx

Posted by Susan Shanley
On 13 October 2004 at 18:34

I just wanted to take a moment to especially remember Peter on this sad anniversary. Your music will live forever Peter, God bless you.


Posted by Roos Jeltema
On 12 October 2004 at 23:37

Today is Peter's dying day. I can still hardly believe that he is not with us anymore, that I can never meet him anymore. My thoughts will be with his wife Jane and his family. Peter, forever in my heart.

Posted by Robert Curry
On 14 September 2004 at 00:32

As ever, Gwyneth, the site inproves with each and every vist. Chorleywood was certainly an experience and I know that Peter was in our hearts and minds that day. Still sadly missed, but always fondly remembered.

Posted by BEVERLEY
On 13 September 2004 at 17:09

Hi everyone...i'm hoping someone can help me here i really want to buy peter's skin deep and rarities c.d's does any one know if i would be able to order them from my local h.m.v. music store. thank you in advance. love Beverley xx

Posted by Win
On 03 September 2004 at 22:08

I was saddened when I found out about Peters death only recently, he was always my favourite New Seeker and I can remember being absolutely devastated and crying buckets when he left the group.I often wondered what he did afterwards as I never heard anything about him. I love his Skin Deep album and know it off by heart.Its very sad that he died so young, it was like hearing about the death of an old friend, he was a big part of my young life in the short time he was in the New Sekers.


Posted by Anne Gordon
On 03 September 2004 at 16:28

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Peter's web site. I wondered why he looked like later on. I have been listening to the New Seekers a lot recently having got 3 CD's previously having vinyl and haven't heard them for years. I can't stop listening to them! For me it was Peter's vocals that made the group special, one of my favourite songs being 'My Sweet Louise'.

Posted by BEVERLEY
On 28 August 2004 at 00:35

Hello all....Well i have come accross this site by chance while searching for information about my favourite pop group of all time the new seekers... i too like many others often wondered what happened to the lovely peter doyle after he left the group... i am extremly distressed about peter's passing he was a wonderful talented musician one that will be very sadly missed by the music industry and his many many fans accross the thoughts and prayers go out to peters family....thank you for the site i will visit regularly.... i always remember peter fondly for the song rusty hands of time and i wish i could get a copy of that song on c.d... i certainly will be checking out peter's work now i know it is availilble.. there has always been very little infomation if any on peter here in the u.k. which i think is very sad for one so talented.... god bless you all .... love Beverley xx

Posted by Jan Kelsey
On 24 August 2004 at 20:23

Just got back from holiday and great to re-visit this site and 'catch up'. Played Rarities to and from a trip to Venice and whilst flying over the Alps - you must try it sometime! He's just brilliant wherever you are in the world. Jan Kelsey

Posted by Lee Keller
On 22 August 2004 at 12:15

I had the pleasure of knowing Peter through his wife Jane since 1987. A person worth knowing and sadly missed. A man who did not know the depth of his own talent. I play his music regularly and each time I hear it I realise what the world has lost with his passing.


Posted by sana
On 20 August 2004 at 22:13

In 70's, my father brought an LP under the title 'beautiful people' from Libya. I was born in 80's and through out my childhood, i listened to that album and loved it dearly but i loved one song above all, ;cincinnati; sung by a beautiful voice, the voice of Peter Doyle. I knew nothing about him back then except that i loved that beautiful voice. Years after i got my hands on computer and the internet, and then yesterday, when i tried to know more about him, my heart filled with sorrow and pain to find out he is no longer with us. 'I will never find another you' Peter. May God bless you.

Posted by Jacky Cooper
On 15 August 2004 at 01:47

Peter was such a huge part of my life in the 70s.My whole family were New Seekers fans.Peter was my hero.I will never forget him.Rest in peace.

Posted by Margaret Hughan
On 28 July 2004 at 17:28

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy 'checking-in' and catching up with the photo's and stories on Peter and coming across lots of 'old friends', keep up the excellent work Gwyneth! God Bless Peter (Kiddo) xxxxxx

Posted by Sylvia Chant (nee Chapple)
On 28 July 2004 at 09:01

Today would have been Peters 55th birthday. So sad that he has been taken from us. I loved Peter with all my heart when I was a young teenager. I will never forget him, and the happy memories he has given me. With all my love, Sylvia.


Posted by Romy Jeltema-Janssen
On 27 July 2004 at 09:03

Peter's birthday on the 28th of July, it would have been his 55th. I'll be flying home to Holland from Canada and remembering his birthday. Gwyneth, thanks for another beautiful page and the lovely photos. Forever in my heart.

Posted by Kathryn Falvey
On 24 July 2004 at 00:35<

Hello, I've just discovered this website. Thank you for letting me be a part of remembering a truly beautiful guy. I can say that Peter Doyle is beautiful and his memory will live on in those who loved him. Kathryn M. xxx

Posted by Lucio Coceani
On 10 July 2004 at 13:48

I must admit I was never a great fan of Peter Doyle or pop music in general, although I greatly admired the talent of the 60's band The Groove, but it saddens me enormously to learn of his death. He was an integral part of what Australian popular music was to develop into (I first saw him performing at the 10th Avenue, in Bourke Street), and as such I an glad for your site to his memory. Vale Peter. Lucio

Posted by Val Lawlan
On 10 July 2004 at 01:45

Well done Gwyneth for creating such a tasteful and obviously popular website. I don't know Peter Doyle's work at present but I intend to find out more about him, purely because of your site and Paula, who directed me to it.


Posted by Bonnie from Melbourne
On 28 June 2004 at 14:27

Just had another look through your wonderful site Gwyneth, you really do work hard on you beautiful tribute to Peter, you really have done well..Bonnie

Posted by ron coleman
On 09 June 2004 at 05:05

Congratulations on Rarities CD - Neil, John and Jane. It is a fitting tribute to Peter. Bobby Bright heard it the other day and was quite moved by Pete's rousing rendition of Irish Eyes, saying Peter was yet another Australian music talent whose best work was largely unrecognised in his homeland. I first met Peter when I was 19 and he was about 17 or 18 singing with Grandma's Tonic (before the Virgils and New Seekers). This website and the CD bring back many memories of that great voice and a mate we'll remember for his whacky humor, warmth and sincerity. Vaya Con Dios, Peter. ron coleman.

Posted by Romy Jeltema-Janssen
On 05 June 2004 at 21:34

Message for Brendan, if no-one else reacts, contact me. I know just a bit about what Eve's doing now. Kind regards, Romy


Posted by Ian Carpenter (Buda)
On 24 May 2004 at 09:05

Just got my copy of the Rarities CD. Congratulations to everyone involved in putting it together. At last some of Peter's work is available for his fans. If anyone has trouble getting a copy, feel free to email me and I will be happy to help. I visited Muckleford on the weekend and paid my respects at Peter's resting place. I also caught up with Jane and saw the plaque that will soon adorn Pete's grave. It's a fitting tribute to a Great Mate and one that i'm sure would raise a wry smile from our Dear Stanley. Cheers Buda, Alison, Melanie and Shannon

Posted by Brendan O'Sullivan
On 23 May 2004 at 18:42

Thank you for keeping the memory of such a wonderful artist alive. It brings back such wonderful momories of my adolescence when the New Seekers were No. 1 for me and my friends. Does anybody out there have any current information on Eve Graham--I would love to contact her or at least find out what she is doing now? Keep up the good work.

Posted by Romy Jeltema-Janssen
On 20 May 2004 at 10:55

Hi, I would like to know if any of you could send me a copy of articles about Peter Doyle or Eve Graham in Brittish newpapers or magazines. I missed everything that was published after their New Seekers' period. If you do, please e-mail me about this. And Margareth Hughan, do you remember me, we used to be penpals when we were thirteen. Please e-mail me, for old times' sake. Kind regards, Romy

Posted by Ruth davies
On 13 March 2004 at 21:58

Thanks again, I am continuing to enjoy and visit this site. I have managed to get a DVD of The New seekers in concert at The Albert Hall now and it brought back such wonderful memories. Did anyone attend the fanclub concert at Hammersmith Palais? I was only 11 years old and it was my first 'pop' concert - very sedate in comparison to those I have attended since! keep up the good work, it is much appreciated.


Posted by Brian Gray
On 02 March 2004 at 22:00

fan of the new seekers early 70s

Posted by Romy Jeltema-Janssen
On 16 February 2004 at 21:46

Thank you for this beautiful site for Peter. I too am very glad that he met and married the love of his life and spent many happy years with her before his early death. As everyone else I was shocked to hear that Peter is no longer with us. To his wife and family I would like to say I'm thinking of them and wish them a lot of strength to carry the big losses of their brother and father and husbands. You have given us a beautiful person (the best singer there ever was)and we will always remember him. Thank you.

Posted by selena
On 15 February 2004 at 02:01

What a great site ,knowing Peter throughout my childhood was a honor ,Not relizing what a amazing and talented person he was till now when hereing of his passing last year i begun reading sites about him.. May your music live on Pete ! Selena (selena ballarina)

Posted by Annie
On 24 January 2004 at 19:47

I am so glad that this website exists. I was a huge fan of Peter's when he was in the New Seekers and very sorry he left. I tried to follow him but over the years lost track. I was stunned to read of his early death. The click you feature as a tribute was very moving - the first time I've seen Peter Doyle in the 30 years since I saw him in concert. I will certainly bookmark this and look forward to the CD.


Posted by Anne
On 23 January 2004 at 22:06

The girls in my class had Donny or David or Gilbert but I had Peter..much more class, hidden depths and mystery! We didn't have access to much t.v. so when the Coca Cola ad. came on my sisters would shout 'it's on' and I'd come crashing through the house for my 30 seconds of heaven. I collected the NS albums and always loved the songs Peter had written for them. Tonight for some reason I came across this site...I feel like part of my youth has died and I'm very sad that Peter has passed away. He had a great talent and I'm glad he had a happy life. He was the best introduction to teenage love a girl could ask for.....

Posted by nic culverwell
On 05 January 2004 at 20:46

hi gwyneth..your new look site for 2004 looks super and as ever offers a wonderful tribute to ' peter '.really looking forward to his new release,at last, and to meeting up with many of 'us' later this year..appreciate the ' grand' ad thank i look gorgeous or what?? see you soon..nic

Posted by Allan Burton
On 05 January 2004 at 02:52

This is a fantastic site dedicated to someone with a wealth of talent and a refreshing lack of ego. My sister used to attend many 'Dances' around Melbourne and she introduced me to Peter's talents and the talents of other Australian artists via our family 'record-player'. Sadly most Australians really don't recognize or appreciate the talent(s) we have produced in this country however sites such as yours help keep the memories fresh and alive. Thank you.



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