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Posted on
28th December 2009 at 00.03

hi just thinking of peter .spent many happy times on the house boat on the thames miss you duane

Posted on
15th October 2009 at 08.13

Much loved and missed and never forgotten.Thoughts are with his family.

Posted on
13th October 2009 at 19.18

Sweet Peter, you have given me so much.
My thoughts have been with you and your family all day.
Forever in my heart.
Love, Roos


28th July, 2009


Special Thoughts and Messages:

Was a big fan from the days of the new seekers.
Peter was a great talent and will always be sadly missed


Peter is one of a kind and still the best.
Peter will always play an important role in the music we are recording.
We are still impressed about the melodies and lyrics he wrote. 
We believe that the world not only lost a great personality but above all one of the biggest talented musicians.  Therefore we will make sure Peter's songs and guitar playing will always be heard on every album we record.
Peter, happy birthday! Your legacy lives on forever................
Cat and Jess Rhyann
Four Times Over


  Much loved and missed by his family and all his fans, his music lives on
and still gives us great pleasure. What a voice.
Happy 60th and thanks for the memories.

Thinking of you on your special Birthday Peter.
Keep on singing, we can still hear you.
Much love, Julie Fance (Spooner) and Sandra (Brown) Roebuck.
Still friends 35 yrs on. Thanks to you. xxxx

Peter's voice made the New Seekers' sound special.
Subsequent line-ups have never captured that magic.

I'll have the Summer sky writing his name.



Last year my message for Peter arrived too late although I had posted it on his birthday.
You know though that I always think of him, especially on his birthday.
Of course my thoughts will also be with Jane, Sam and Peter's family.
And I will always love him.
60 Amazing. As you put it, much loved, sadly missed.

Love, Roos

Happy 60th birthday Peter.
Just been watching the pinball wizard promo on you tube, and that special
part of see me/feel me when Lyn gazes at Peter says it all!. Full of love and admiration.
I guess thats how i feel and all the people that ever saw Peter Doyle felt.
A great musical part of my life.
God bless you Peter and thankyou.

Ian Sandham

I'm sitting at my desk at work; it's 10am here in Victoria, Australia on the 28th July, 2009 - the birthday of my beloved dad, Jack, and darling brother, Peter. Dad was so delighted to share his birthday with his son. Mum and I want to say a big thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. We so appreciate the website and the constant reminder of how much Peter was loved and respected all over the world. What a legacy he has left us! We are very proud of him and all he achieved. It wasn't until he died that I realized what a STAR he was!! To me he was a beautiful, caring, gentle and sensitive 'little brother' who didn't have to say a lot, but just look at you with those eyes and smile that oozed love. I know mum would reiterate those sentiments. It would have been wonderful to be sharing this day with both Peter and dad. They are most certainly in our thoughts. Once again thanks for the memories and the wonderful website.

Kerryl Rae (Peter’s sister)


Thinking of you Peter, especially today.
Your wonderful music still gives us so much pleasure.
Remembering your loved ones, at this time.
Love, Susan

Peter Doyle would have been 60 today.  Very sadly he will not be doing what he loved and did brilliantly which is performing and singing some of the best music and songs I certainly I have heard - and I know I am not the only one.

Despite being totally besotted with Peter in my young teenage years, it is ironically over the last few years - and since his death - that he has given me most pleasure as I 'discovered him again'.  I now know songs he sang during the 60's, 70's 80's and 90's and have seen and read articles and heard from people who knew him and speak so highly of him.  Obviously I made a good choice for my first love!!!

Peter might not be performing tomorrow but I for one will certainly be playing his music which is music that must be kept alive as well as memories of Peter himself.

I never forgot him during the intervening years between my teenage years to my 40's but totally lost track of where he was and what he was doing. I recently found out that he played at the Greenwich festival in 1980 with Davy Jones - and I live in the Greenwich Borough and missed it.  How sad is that.

Thoughts go to his family and close friends - and along with his other dedicated fans his music will be playing for a long long time yet.

Thanks Gwyneth for the website - and for becoming a good friend.

Jan K

I had the pleasure of meeting Peter in May 1973 and although fleeting, our encounter was precious and beautiful.  Three days later, he announced his break into a solo career.

He had touched my heart in 1972 and my cheek when we met.   Thank you Peter.  Happy Birthday darling, you are my 'rare diamond' . . . . forever.

Kate, Oxfordshire



Posted by Elizabeth Harper
on 25th July 2009 at 20.47

Have just found this wonderful site.  It has taken me back with very fond memories of my late childhood and teens and also some sadness for Peter's premature death.  He was my favourite New Seeker and I think my 'first love'. His voice was amazing and he was kinda mysterious!!;  I used to go weak at the knees!!  I must have driven my parents potty with all the albums, magazines I collected which are all now in my loft at home!!   I can remember feeling distraught when he left the band!  Thank goodness for the internet in being able to go down memory lane and again appreciate him.

Posted on 12th July 2009 at 20.32

As a huge New Seekers fan from the 70s' it recently came to me I didn't have one single album in my CD collection...which in a roundabout way led me to this site.

I'm so sad to hear Peter is no longer with us. Apart from a huge crush on Lyn :) , Peter was always my favourite.

Apart from his talent on guitar and his great voice, the songs he wrote were always standouts on the albums.

No surprise to me when he left... he always seemed to be a little 'stifled' by the group's 'light' sound.

R.I..P. Peter


Posted on 21st March 2009 at 14.31

I have just been on YouTube playing the New Seekers music. I used to fancy Pete all those years ago and thought I would look up info on him and find out what he is now doing. To find out that he actually died in 2001 has left me feeling very sad. What a great shame. Peter you had a fantastic voice and you was a really good looking guy. God Bless you.



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