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Songs for Europe -

Beg Steal or Borrow

The New Seeker Connection

          The 1972 Eurovision Song Contest proved to be only the start of a New Seekers related connection to the competition.

          In 1977 former New Seeker Lyn Paul entered Great Britain's Song for Europe competition with a song called If Everybody Loved the Same as You, which failed to reach the main Eurovision Song Contest.  In the same year, Nicola Kerr who joined the New Seekers for a couple of years in 1979, had more luck representing Ireland as a member of the group, Swarbriggs plus 2.  Their song, It's Nice to Be in Love Again, reached 3rd place in the main contest.

          1983's British Song for Europe competition included a song co-written by New Seeker Marty Kristian and Trevor Spencer who had often been involved in studio work when the New Seekers were recording as well as co-producing Peter Doyle's Skin Deep album. Their song Love on Your Mind was performed by Audio, a trio which included New Seeker Kathy Ann Rae.

        The1980 Song for Europe competition proved to be particularly interesting for New Seeker fans, as much in terms of what might have been as in what actually happened. One of the entries, I Want to Be Me, was performed by Pussyfoot, whose members included Donna Jones and Mick Flynn, both of whom have been with the New Seekers almost ever since 1980.  The winning entry, Love Enough for Two was perfomed by six-piece group, Prima Donna, with former New Seeker, Danny Flynn as one of it's members.  

           The New Seekers themselves were due to perform Tell Me, but it was discovered that they had previously performed the song in public and so had to be disqualified.  Another entry, Love Comes, Love Grows was perfomed by the duo MidniteMidnite's line up had undergone a late change, Lynn Ritchie sang the song with Eddie Howl, but originally the male member of the duo was to be Peter Doyle.  Sadly, Peter was taken ill and not able to take part in the competition.

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