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Nic has now passed on the news that all of the current New Seekers: Paul Layton, Donna Jones, Mick Flynn, Mark Hankins, Francine Rees and her husband Roger who is the group's bassist have confirmed they will attend along with Cathy Logan and Chris aka Jill Webster who used to run the fan club. The venue will be in Watford and the event is set to to take place between 1 and 5pm on 12th September, 2004.  It will be a good opportunity to meet New Seekers and to meet up with other New Seeker and Peter Doyle fans.  For more information contact Nic (see below).


The discography listing pages have now been updated and new pages covering recent New Seeker releases and New Seeker compilations have been included.  All the pages covering Peter's work outside the New Seekers have been overhauled, with some additions and the more complicated task of updating the New Seekers section of the discography is underway.




Peter's CD will be launched on 29th May, 2004 at a special event at the Kingston City Hall (formerly Moorabbin Town Hall) in Victoria, Australia.  More news on this as it becomes available.


Nic Culverwell is planning another New Seekers get-together for next September, in the south of England.  Paul Layton, Mick Flynn, Donna Jones and Cathy Logan have already said they would like to join us.  Nic would like to hear from anyone who would be interested in attending and you can contact him.




Believe it or not, the website has moved again. It is now back on a Linux host where the links, pictures etc. all seem to be working without problems, however if you do find any broken links or missing pictures please contact me or the webmaster.  The only exceptions for now are the mailing list - if you want to have your name added to or removed from the list, please e-mail us directly for the time being. The individual details of tracks listed in the discography will remain unavailable for now, but the Guest Book is up and running again and amended to match other recently updated pages.


Following another day when the website has been down for reasons beyond our control, we have moved it to another service provider.  Hopefully this will prove to be more stable, but following the haste of the move, there are one or two teething problems, some of the links have been temporarily removed from the Main Menu though all pages should be accessible from other links.  The Guest Book is temporarily unavailable as is the mailing list and the individual track details in the discographies and Works main page.  We will rectify these problems as soon as possible, but in the meantime our apologies once again for any inconveniences whilst we are sorting things out.


Work on updating the site continues and includes the whole of the Gallery with a few new pictures and information on the fans section which now extends to two pages and the new links page has extra links. Meanwhile work is in progress on the Groups and Works pages.


It is hard to appreciate that it is now two years since we lost Peter, yet in that time many of his fans have been able to draw closer to his music than they have for years.  It is very clear from various websites and the correspondence I have received that there is a strong, continuing intererst in Peter; his memory and his music will always be with us.


Our sincere apologies to anyone who has had difficulty accessing the site in recent weeks. This has been due to a couple of unexpected changes to the IP Address. The situation seems to have stabilised itself again and hopefully all will be well from now on, but we are looking at alternatives to prevent this happening again in the future.


The US version of the We'd Like to Teach the World to Sing album has now been released on CD. This is the first time any of the original albums have received this treatment - all New Seeker CDs so far have been compilations, so this a new break through!  Please note the tracks on the US edition are much closer to the New Colours LP than other editions of the We'd Like to Teach the World to Sing LP.  The tracks are: Tonight, Too Many Trips to Nowhere, Wanderer's Song, Boom Town, Evergreen, I'd Like to Teach the World To Sing, Nickel Song, Lay me Down, No Man's Land, Sweet Louise, Good Old Fashioned Music and Child of Mine. The CD may be purchased on line from and  further details can be found at :




Work on overhauling the site is now under way. The update to the Biography Page includes 3 new pictures; this Newspage includes a link for information on the Race for Life Event and the news for 2002 is now in an archive which can also be reached via a new link on this page.  Other pages also updated include the Welcome Page, About the Site, Main Menu and the Intro.


A New Seekers CD has been released, very appropriately on 28th July.  The Singles is a complete collection of New Seeker singles from 1969 to 1974.  This is a European release and includes tracks which were not releases as singles in the UK.




28th July marks the anniversary of the birthdays of both
Peter Doyle and his father, Jack.
  This is the first birthday anniversary since they have both passed and our thoughts are once again with all their family and friends.


28th July is also the first anniversary of the launch of the website.  This seems a good time for an update on the site and a new photo has enabled a change to the Welcome Page and the introduction of a Main Menu Page.    The photo was taken in 1993 when Peter visited Des Darvell's studios with John Cartwright and Clayton Saunders to have publicity shots taken for their group.   This solo shot hadn't been previously planned and when Des's studio suffered a fire sometime later, the negative for this photo was the only one which survived the fire. The colourful backdrop which had been painted by Des was also lost in the fire. Many thanks to Des for this photo.



On Sunday, 13th July, Jan Kelsey took part in a Race for Life
at Blackheath, London. This is one in a series of events which take place around the UK annually in aid of Cancer Research UK.  Jan dedicated her walk to her Mum, her Aunt and Peter Doyle (see picture) and completed the 3.5 miles (5km) in 40 minutes - no mean feat in the heatwave conditions shared by most of Britain at the time!  Congratulations to Jan and all who took part.


The website has now been moved to a new Linux Server.  If you have any trouble with links etc. to start with, it may be necessary for you to clear your temporary internet files to allow the changes to download properly.  To do this, you will need to click on Tools from the options at the top of your browser then select Internet Options and under the heading Temporary Internet Files select the Delete Files option and then Okay (this may take a few minutes!). If you still experience problems, please contact the webmaster.

This is the first stage of updating the website.  The site has far out-grown the methods we have been using to maintain it and it is now necessary to re-work the website to make it easier to navigate, manage and to tidy up areas where the fonts are inconsistent etc.  Hopefully, this work will not cause any problems to anyone visiting the site, but if you do have any difficulties or find any broken links, please contact me or the webmaster.



As the excitement of the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest finally dies down, there is a new page on the site about Eurovision, which includes an explanation of the contest and information about the part played in it by the New Seekers in 1972.  The page about the New Seekers DVD has been expanded to cover information on all the recordings made from the New Seekers' 1972 appearance at the Royal Albert Hall.  Links sections have been added to both the Biography page and the New Seekers page.



Hot on the heels of the DVD releases comes the news that things are on the move once again with Peter's CD.  Still no release date, but hopefully it won't be too long now, before we can bring you some more precise information.


In addition to the DVD of the the New Seekers' concert, their Eurovision appearance is now also available on the "Eurovision Song Festival of Hits" DVD along with 23 other songs from various Eurovision Song Contests.


On 16th May Stan Rofe, DJ and mentor to many of the Australian 60s, stars passed away.  "Stan the Man" was a great influence on the Australian music scene and won the respect of many.  He will be sadly missed and our condolences go out to his family and friends.


The long-awaited DVD of the New Seekers at the Royal Albert Hall was officially released in the UK  yesterday (5th May).  A rare chance to see the group perform live and a real treat for all Peter Doyle and New Seeker fans!



If you have signed up for the mailing list recently and not received an acknowledgement, please note this is because you have not given us your correct e-mail address - please try again or send us an e-mail via the contact address and we will add your name to the list manually.

Happy Easter!


Some internet retailers are now advertising the release of the DVD and video of The New Seekers at the Royal Albert Hall on 5th May.  The video was originally scheduled to be re-released in January, 2002 and the DVD and video to be released last September.  This line-up features Peter Doyle, Eve Graham, Marty Kristian, Paul Layton and Lyn Paul performing some of the songs they performed at the Royal Albert Hall in April, 1972.  These are just a selection of the songs also included on the double album: Live At the Royal Albert Hall plus one track which was left off the album:  Streets of London, which features Marty on lead vocals with Peter giving sole accompaniment on backing vocals and guitar.  Fingers crossed and let's hope it makes it to the outlets this time!



Details of Peter's second album Skin Deep have now been added to the discography along with details

of the Keith Potger and the New Seekers, Beautiful People, Never Ending Song of Love  and the New Colours LPs.


A number of New Seeker fans are planning a get together in Blackpool for the weekend 19/20/21st September and will be staying at the "Big Blue Hotel"

Details of activities for the weekend have not been settled but the group so far include a good number of Peter Doyle fans and it is intended to include some kind of tribute to Peter, the weekend will be  just a month before the 2nd anniversary of his passing.  It will be a good chance for fans to get together to meet old friends and new.

It is however necessary to get a firm booking and the organiser needs to know no later than 30th March (Sunday) to confirm reservations. Contact Ric.

Once confirmations are made to the organiser deposits or full payment should be made direct to the hotel by 10th April.    

Please note that once names are passed to the hotel and confirmed, if you decide not to go you will loose your deposit.

Rooms are charged on a "room only basis" and take a max of two people in each standard room, they are of a high standard but for the more discerning of you, there are upgrades available to deluxe rooms.

The roomrates are 29 per person sharing a twin, there are no single rooms, only twins for sole use..therefor costing 54 per night.

Anyone wishing to join in, but unable to confirm yet, will be able to do so but will be required to make their own accommodation arrangements.  Once confirmations are made to the organiser deposits or full payment should be made direct to the hotel by 10th April.




Another new page has been added to the GalleryOff Stage has 3 pictures of Peter from the 1980s and 1990s.

Peter's early EPs have been included  in the discography in The Works section.  Details and picture are included for Stupidity & Speechless but so far I have no information on The Great Pretender EP.  Can anybody help? Track details for Peter's singles releases after he left the New Seekers have also been linked in to the Later Recordings section of the discography.


Happy New Year!


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The Works - Maintenance work carried out on the discography database - following which more additions are being made to track details on Peter's earlier releases and a compilations section has been started.

General Information page added - About the Site

More links added to Other sites of Interest page.




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