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Happy New Year!

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Look Away on CD

Peter's earliest published composition, Look Away, is only the second Virgil Brothers track to find it's way on to a CD.  This release is on a new compilation CD Fairytales Can Come True from new record label Psychic Circle.  More details on the Compilations Albums page



As Peter's birthday comes around once again, it is strange to think that he would have been 58 this year and although it is almost 6 years since he left us, his memory is still as strong as ever. There have been quite a few people contacting the website in recent weeks, sharing their memories of Peter.  It's been great to hear from them all and wonderful to know Peter is still well remembered and highly thought of.  

You can read some of those memories on the Guestbook and also at the new Memories page in the This and That section of the website.

Thank you to all those who have shared their memories so far and if you have any memories of your own which you woul like to share, please get in touch.


Music, Music, Music

Early Works on the Net

Music Pop Hits - If you haven't yet heard any of Peter's hits from his teenage years, follow the links from this page through to Australsian 50s-60s and you can listen to 3 of Peter's solo songs and the Virgil Brothers' Temptation Bout to Get Me


“New” Song

Peter Doyle Recording on the Internet!

You can now hear a “new” song from Peter on Neil Gray's MySpace page.  Neil has included a song by Peter called Bad to Me and performed by Skinflick, a band fronted by Peter and on which Neil played bass in the 1980's.  See also Neil's blog About the Music which tells a little more about Neil's association with Peter.

Neil Gray remastered the tracks for Peter's Rarities CD.

And Another!

Neil has added another previously unreleased Peter Doyle track to his page.  Like a Diamond in the Sun is very different from the first track, but still in complete contrast to any of Peter's recordings so far released.  Well worth a listen!

Added 22nd Feb. Updated 11th March


Out and About


Rock On Duo

Rock On Duo John Cartwright and Huey Fry are busy re-building their website.  It's looking good so far and you can keep up with developments at:
Rock On


New Seekers

The New Seekers start a new tour on March 15th with a special show, appearing with original Seeker and New Seeker Keith Potger.  Keith is also currently engaged in his own tour.
Dates and details for both tours available on
The New Seekers Website

You can now also find the New Seekers at MySpace

This year's tour includes a medley in tribute to Peter Doyle and starts with Mick Flynn singing I Can Say You're Beautiful, a very different version to Peter's rendition and good to know Peter's work is still being performed live.

Updated 26th July

Lyn Paul

Lyn has joined the cast list of Footloose for their UK tour starting in Salford on February 9th.  It will be the first opportunity for Lyn to work with her sister Nikki.  More information on the
Lyn Paul Website

The current Footloose tour has now ended but I caught up with the show a few weeks ago, Lyn was fantastic as always, she asked to be remembered to everyone through the website and as Lyn said - Peter Doyle will never be forgotten!

Updated 26th July



Happy New Year Everybody!


Welcome to friends old and new.

Keep an eye on this page for site updates and any news concerning matters related to Peter Doyle.



Site News


July - New Family Album page added to the Gallery
Memories - the memories section of This and That has finally been developed, with messages from friends and colleagues, so far spanning about 20 years of Peter's career.

Favourite Songs - Peter's song poll updated, remember, if you haven't voted yet, this poll remains open.

May - Link Page updated
John Cartwright and Darry Cotton entries updated in the Website Who's Who. Song links restored and all links checked on page 1 of the Website Who's Who
Peter on the Web - a new guide to other pages about Peter Doyle on the internet

April - Links improved to all Rarities CD & launch pages.
Details corected and updated for Brand New Song on the Sounds Like .... page - with thanks to Susan Shanley for the information.

March - Link page updated to include New Seekers and Neil Gray's My Space Pages

February - New feature Sounds Like ..... launched  Highlighting different versions of songs recorded by Peter Doyle, Grandma's Tonic, The Virgil Brothers and The New Seekers whilst Peter was in the line up.  It includes links to other artists' information, lyrics and sound clips.
Pages for Songs Info A, B and C updated.
Gallery Page - A New Generation, updated.

January - Songs Info section: Updated Hi, Hi Hazel and
Watcha Gonna Do About It?
Website Who's Who:  A change to the layout, added The Librettos
updated Brian Peacock information plus other minor updates.









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