New Arrival!

Congratulations to Peter's nephew and his wife on the birth of their second son on 27th July, just a day before Peter and his father's birthday.
Mother and great grandchild
Pictured: Baby Aaron with his Great Grandmother - Peter's Mum, Jean Doyle.

More pictures in the Gallery

Updated 7th August




Peter's Birthday Poll

The 2005 Birthday Chart showing the results from the combined polls has now been uploaded.

Click here for the complete chart or if you want to see the results for the 3 seperate charts click here.

 If you would like to send us a list of your own favourites click here for more information, your votes still count!




Updated 28th July



Just launched - a new Yahoo group to complement the website, provide a new way to receive Website Newsletters and make friends with other Peter Doyle fans. Drop in and join us sometime soon!

22nd May


Peter on TV

Sharp-eyed viewers to the Australian Channel 7's nostalgia programme Made in Melbourne on Sunday night (17th April), may have caught a quick glimpse of the young Peter as a member of Swallows Juniors.

Interesting to realise that Peter was amongst the early pioneers of Australian TV and as Channel 7 (formerly HSV7) celebrates its first 50 years, UK fans will remember Peter along with the rest of the New Seekers taking part in the BBC's 50 year celebrations in 1972.

18th April


DVD/Video Clips

Please note the contact address for John Holman on the DVD & Video Page was out of date. If you have tried to contact him and failed to get a response, please try again now as the contact address has been updated.  In addition to the clips, John will be able to help if you are looking for a copy of the entire 1972 Eurovision Song Contest.


Lyn Moves On

Lyn Paul ended her long run in the West End Musical: Blood Brothers on 8th January 2005.





Rarities CD
Peter's CD, released last year can still be purchased new, from Australia and it is now possible to pay by paypal if you wish to buy a copy, click here for further details

Updated 20th October



Peter on the Radio

An early birthday mention for Peter on the BBC Radio 2's Ed Stewart Show in the UK. Ed mentioned that hundreds of fans write in every year for Peter's birthday and then he played Friday on My Mind. It was great to hear Peter's solo work instead of a New Seeker track (no matter how much we love them!) The show was broadcast between 5 and 7pm BST but can be heard again anytime until next week's show over the internet. Click here for the show's playlist and to access the broadcast (nb - this link is updated to give the details of and playback of the most recent programme.).

24th July



Lyn Paul CD

A second former New Seeker is on the verge of their first CD Release.  Lyn Paul's new album is due for release in September.  For the latest on Lyn visit the
Lyn Paul Website.

19th July




More dates added for the New Seekers 2006 tour.
Links for concert venues added to the New Seekers 2006 tour details
More DVD information and images added to the DVD and Video page and more images added to the Royal Albert Hall Page.
New images, extra information and an index added to the Sixties Compilations
New Seekers section updated with a new page to include details of next year's concert dates
Another page added to the Song Info, now taking us from Mona Lisa through to No Man's Land.  There is a design change to this page, hopefully making it easier to navigate around the songs and albums they come from.  Existing pages will be updated to match at a later date.
Details of Eve Graham's latest releases added and DVD/Video page updated.
Track listings and images added to the discography compilation pages.
New Seekers pages amended and a new introductory page added.
New dates added for New Seeker concerts in 2006.
Family Album Page added to the Gallery to include pictures of the newest arrival in Peter's family.
2005 Birthday Chart Page added
New Seekers Now Page updated and split over 2 pages.
First Results in the Birthday poll have now been published on the Birthday Chart Page
The Alfred Hospital recently sent a letter to the Peter Doyle Fund in acknowledgement of a donation received from the proceeds of sales of the Rarities CD. The letter can be viewed here and remember the CD is still available if you haven't bought your copy yet!
A new picture in the Gallery celebrating Shannon Carpenter's early achievement after less than a year's guitar tuition since Jane Doyle presented him with one of Peter's guitars.
A new page of ways to mark Peter's birthday this year.
Another page of titles added to the Song Info section.
Review of New Seeker's Donna Jones in Revue added to New Seekers page
A few more titles added to the Song Info section.
Considerable work this month reorganising files and folders to make the site easier to maintain.
A new combined Welcome Page and Main Menu has been introduced to give quicker access to the whole site. Des Darvell's 1993 photo of Peter can still be seen in the Gallery.
A very special addition to the site this month with the inclusion of a picture of the headstone on Peter's grave.  With thanks to Jane and the rest of Peter's family for kindly allowing us to include it on the site.
Review of the New Seekers performance at Bembridge, October 2004 by Nic Culverwell, added to the New Seekers section.
A new look for the Main Menu to include a new photo of Peter and give more information about the site contents.
More titles added to the Song Info.
Amendments to New Seeker pages to ease maintenance and create a New Seekers section in the website
A new page of information about I'd Like to Teach The World to Sing Added to the New Seekers Section including picture sleeves from some of the single releases.
Picture sleeves from the single releases of Beg, Steal or Borrow added to the Eurovision page.
2004 News moved to the News Archives and a new page created for 2005 News.



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