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Site News - updated 24th November
Tweed Harris - 24th November
Heroes and Such - 16th November
3 Years On - 11th October
Chorleywood 2004 - updated 13th September
Radio Mentions - updated 7th August
CD Launch Messages - 29th April
RARITIES - News About Peter's New CD - 6th June
Lyn Paul - updated 23rd June
New Seeker 2004 Get Together (as a forthcoming event) - updated 29th August
Mailing List Pictures - updated 31st July
DVD & Video Clips - updated 7th August
Cathy in Cambridge - updated 1st March


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A New section added to the gallery, Every Picture Tells a Story is a combination of mostly new images with some rearrangement of a little existing material.
A new entry for Tweed Harris added to One by One
Three more tracks added to Song Info
New images added for the Big Parade album on the 60s Solo Compilation Albums page and also for the Festival Files album which can now be found on the 60s EPs and LPs page.
Peter's fans have so much to share with each other that this month sees the launch of a new section especially for them - Why Can't We All Get Together?
Dates for forthcoming appearances of the New Seekers added to the New Seekers Now Page
News on the Chorleywood Get-Together added to the New Seekers Now Page
The information on Regis has been updated to correct the original version of how the group formed.  Corrections have been made to associated parts of the website and an entry for Ricky Hitchcock has been included on the One By One Page.  Thanks go to Ricky Hitchcock for supplying the information.
A new page to link together information on all Peter Doyle and New Seeker items released on DVD and Video,
Following a major power outtage causing serious problems to the website's host facility and the restoration of an out-dated version of the site, it has been decided to bring forward the celebrations of Peter's (and the website's) birthday to bring the website back up to date. (22.7.04)
The website has been given a partial birthday revamp, with a new background introduced to the Biography, Intro and Gallery pages.
It is the anniversary of Peter's birthday once again and in addition to a temporary change to the home page, to commemorate the day, there is a new Birthday Page on the site.
As the site continues to grow, it has become necessary to start reorganising the site to facilitate maintenance. Much of this work is 'behind the scenes': rearranging files in folders etc. but you will notice that not all the pages now carry a full menu on the left hand side of the page and there may be further minor changes in future.
The Song List now includes all New Seeker Releases between 1969 to 1974 and all the Rarities tracks. Another four songs have been added to The Song Info pages
A Review of Rarities has now been added.
A short message from Peter's sister, Kerryl Rae has been added to the Launch Messages page.
Following the launch and release of the Rarities CD, pages covering information on the CD have been added and amended and pictures from the launch night have also been added to the site.
The site has been preparing for the launch of Rarities - further details on this page.
John Denver, George Harrison, James Taylor and Slim Whitman have been added to the One By One Page
A few more items added to the Song Info pages which are now incorporating the tracks from Rarities, Peter's new CD
A Website Who's Who introduced to help you find out more about people mentioned on the site and where abouts on the site they are mentioned.
The Links page updated to include more links, a site search and search engine facility
The Works and Discography: 'Later Releases' updated to take account of Peter's new CD
The New Seekers and Virgil Brothers pages have now been updated to match the rest of the site with a few new pictures added to the New Seeker section.  More development is planned for both sections in the future.
Details of Peter's new CD Rarities have now been added on a new page
Two Pages of information on the New Seekers compilation LPs added
A few more tracks added to page 3 of the Song Info section.
The Shirelles - added to the More Groups page
Doris Day - added to One by One page
The Groups - Page amended to include links to info on all groups named elsewhere on the site.
More Groups - The beginnings of the section for information on other groups, so far including The Premiers and The Undertakers.
One By One - A new page introduced but 'under develeopment' giving some information on and links to sites about various artists mentioned on the site. Harry Chapin, Rudy Clark, Carole King, Melanie, Stan Rofe and Chip Taylor are included so far.
Song Info - A second page now available, as well as information this section includes pictures sleeves and pictures from promotional material where available.
Page for information about Peter's new CD RARITIES added.
Page for 1973 New Seeker album releases added.
Royal Albert Hall page updated.
Song Info - new Section giving information on songs plus links to songwriters,lyrics and other performers started.
The Works section restyled to help behind the scenes housekeeping but there are also further changes to the presentation of these pages
New-look News Page launched and re-titled: “What's New?
Page for 1972 New Seeker album releases added and navigation across the New Seeker album pages improved.
Minor changes to Main Menu Page
Perfect Harmony added to New Seekers Compilation CDs
Song Listing Page added, giving a comprehensive alphabetical list of
Peter's recordings



Less than a month to go to the launch of Peter's new CD in Australia and a number of people have asked if it is possible for them to send messages since they can't be there in person.  If you would like me to pass on your well-wishes or add your name to a general message, please e-mail me - but remember - the launch is 29th May, there's not much time left!


...Updated 31st July...


This feature will not be returning but something new to replace it, available to everyone, coming soon, on the main website.

Sorry, due to pressure of time, I have had to suspend this feature for the time being.

For all subscribers to the mailing list who haven't read the Christmas Newsletter yet:

There is now a special webpage just for mailing list subscribers, giving some background to pictures used on the website and including some extra pictures.  Full details in the newsletter.

Anyone wishing to subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter should e-mail me  Please note the automated service for the mailing list has yet to be restored.

Tweed Harris

Our condolences to family and friends of Tweed Harris, who passed away on 13th October.  Tweed 's musical career, included a spell with The Groove who came to the UK along with the Virgil Brothers.  Later, Tweed worked on many New Seekers recording sessions. More

Heroes and Such

Over on the Lyn Paul Website, Steve Liddle has been taking a look at Peter's career through the songs he sang and his likely influences.
Steve very kindly released this pages exclusively to the mailing lists of both the Lyn Paul and Peter Doyle Websites, they have now been linked into the main site and are available to all, see:
Heroes and Hand-me-Downs and This and That

3 Years On

The 13th October marks the third anniversary of Peter's passing and as time goes by it becomes more and more obvious how much Peter was loved and admired by his peers and fans.  The release of the Rarities CD earlier this year was greatly welcomed by all and has shown just how much his artistry is appreciated all around the world whilst the website mailbag continues to demonstrate how much Peter the man was loved by all who knew him.

Our thoughts go out, once again to Peter's family and friends.


New Seekers and fans got together at the Chorleywood Arts Centre on 12th September.
See the New Seekers Update page

L-R: Mick. Brian, Cathy, Donna & Paul

.....Last Updated 29th August......


It's not too late to get your tickets for the 2004 Get-Together -

Nic Culverwell is organising a get-together for fans and New Seekers near Watford from 1pm - 5pm on 12th September, 2004.
So far most of the current line-up: Paul Layton, Donna Jones, Mick Flinn, Fran Rees and her husband,Roger, the group's bassist, have all confirmed they will attend; as well as former New Seekers, Cathy Logan and Brian Engel, former New Seeker fan club organiser, Chris (Jill Webster) and a growing number of fans.

The venue will be the Chorleywood Arts Centre, Colley Land, Chorleywood near Watford.  The centre is not far from the railway station or motorway links.

Tickets priced at £6.00 are now available from Nic. To find out how to book or for further information e-mail Nic

Roger, Donna, Nic, Fran & Paul
L-R: Roger. Donna, Nic, Fran & Paul

....Updated 7th August

Radio Mention

Two brief mentions for Peter on the Roger Day Show on Radio Caroline on the 29th and 30th July.  Currently celebrating it's 40th anniversary, Radio Caroline broadcasts in the South East of England and is available on the internet and via satellite (see website for details).

Ed Stewart included a request for Peter's birthday on his Sunday Show on Radio 2 on 25th July.  A good number of fans had written in - not all were mentioned and Ed played Pinball Wizard/See Me Feel Me.  The show is broadcast nationally in the UK and can be picked up in Ireland and Northern Europe as well as going out live over the internet.

A Number of Melbourne radio stations also remembered to mention Peter on his birthday.

Peter's fans will ensure his memory lives on! 




In the last few weeks it has become very obvious from the correspondence I have recieved that there is a growing sense of excitement amongst Peter's fans as the date for the release of Rarities grows closer.   With less than a week to go, the website is now reflecting this mood and you may notice animations and balloons added to certain pages to herald this major event.  There is a new Celebration Page to commemorate the launch and to thank and congratulate all those who have been involved in the production of the CD and preperations for the launch.  For those who would like to be at the Kingston City Hall in Victoria on the night, but can't make it, there is a page to pass on messages to those who will be there.  If you would like to add a message, or just your name, please e-mail me.


....updated 7th August....


John Holman who has a large selection of music clips available from his Songwriters website, has now put together a collection of his New Seeker Clips which includes over 30 items. Peter Doyle appears on about 14 of the visual clips and there are also some audio only tracks from the “Coke” songs.  More details can be found on the DVD and Video page.

....updated 23rd June


Lyn Paul's current run in her role as Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers , is due to last from 1st June until 17th July, Lyn will then take a break until 6th September and is then scheduled to perform until 8th January, 2005.

Lyn also appeared on a special Eurovision edition of the Weakest Link broadcast on the 15th May shortly before the 2004 Song Contest was aired.

For the latest on Lyn visit the Lyn Paul Website


The first reports from Australia are that the CD Launch night was a great success and the CD is selling very well.  There has been plenty of feedback to the website in recent weeks both from Peter's friends and fans and thank you to everyone who has been in touch.  It is wonderful to know Peter is still so well supported and there is so much interest in the new CD.   An early report and pictures of the launch night can be seen on the Launch Night Page.

....updated 1st March....


Cathy Logan will be appearing as a special guest in a new show We Must Believe in Magic at the Comberton Performance Hall near Cambridge on 30th and 31st January, 2004.  Cathy will be performing a 30 minute set.  Tickets at £5.00 and further information available from Geoff Bailey

Cathy delighted her fans with her performance - read a review here

Cathy Logan






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